Day Trip - Jicarilla Apache

Jicarilla Apache                                                                                                                                                             Jicarilla Apache Tribe

The Jicarilla Apache tribe today is headquartered in Dulce, NM on the eastern edge of its previous territory.  Consult the tribal web site for events. 

Apache Nugget Casino, formerly located in Dulce, NM, is now located on US 550 about 15 miles north of Cuba, NM.

To reach Dulce from Float 'N Fish travel east on NM 511 to the spillway at Navajo Dam, take a hairpin turn to the right onto NM 539 and travel south acros the top of the dam.  Once across the dam continue on NM 539 to NM 64 south of Navajo Dam Reservoir.  Turn east on NM 64 to Dulce, NM.