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 Signature Fly Patterns

The flies below are Signature Flies by master fishermen and tiers of the San Juan River. 

Signature Flies recognize and compensate the originator of the pattern for their contribution to fly tying and the sport of Fly Fishing.


  Copper Rib Foam Wing RS2
  Bear Goode

  Don King UV Midge
  Raymond Johnston


  Big Mac
  John Tavenner

  Big T Midge
  The late Tom Teuchert

  WD 40
  Mark Engler


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Rods - Scott, Sage, Temple Fork, Ross, Marryat freshwater and saltwater Rods 
Reels - Abel, Marryat, Ross, TFO Reels 
Waders - Simms Goretex, Reddington Waders 
Wading Boots - Simms, Reddington Wading Boots 
Wading Jackets - Simms, Frogg Toggs, Pacific Fly Wading Jackets 
Vests - Fishpond, Simms, Pacific Fly Vests
Fly Lines - Rio Fly Lines 
Leaders and Tippets - Frog Hair, Rio, Trout Hunter, AFW Leader Wire, Tyger Stainless Steel Leader, Umpqua Leaders and Tippet 
Day Packs - Fishpond Day Packs 
Nets - Brodin, Cumings, Pacific Fly, Solitude, Fishpond Nets 
Gear Bags - Fishpond, Dan Bailey, Simms, Springbrook Gear Bags 
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Gloves - Glacier Gloves, Simms, Springbrook Gloves 
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Fly Tying Tools - Bobbins, Hair Stackers, Fly Tying Vises Tools

Fly Tying Materials
Hooks - Tiemco, Dai-Riki, Daiichi, Mustad, Lightning Strike - Float 'N Fish has a very large selection of hooks for all types of fly tying from freshwater to saltwater, including those hard to find ultra small hooks (size 30)  for Midge fishing on tailwaters. 
Threads - all fly tying thread types from saltwater to dryfly to ultra small Midge threads, including sizes 14/0 to Size A Rod Wrapping Threads, Kevlar,  
Wires and Tinsels - Lagartun and UTC French Tinsel and Wire to Double XX Fine,  in all colors.   
Fly Tying Vises - Renzetti, Dyna-King, Terra, Griffin  
Dubbing - extensive collection of both natural and synthetic dubbing materials and blends.  Call for specifics on availability.   
Fly Tying Tools - Dr. Slick, Renzetti, Griffin, Metz  
Feathers - Whiting Capes, Saddle, Saddle Packs, Bugger Packs, Fashion Packs (coming soon), Marabou, Jungle Cock, Pheasant, Goose, Turkey, Partridge, Grouse and many more.
Hair - Rabbit, Mink,  Muskrat, Raccoon, Coyote, Badger, Squirrel, Caribou, Moose, Elk, Deer and many Exotic hairs.  We also carry a large selection of synthetic hairs including Craft Fur, Fishair, Superhair, Enrico Puglisi EP-Fibers,  
Rubber Latex/Tubing -all colors and sizes including Midge, micro Midge and standard tubing.  Rubber Tentacles & Hopper Legs, Scud Backs, Rubber Hackle.  
Flash and Tinsel - Krystal Flash, Flashabou, Fluoro-Fiber  
Chenille - Ultra, Standard, Tinsel, Estaz, Core Braid  
Egg Material - Glo-Bug yarns, McFlyfoam, Glue Gun Sticks, Rubber Real Eggs  
Beads - metal and glass, all sizes and colors  
Fisheyes -I-balz and Real Eyes, Mono Eyes, Psuedo Eyes, Bead Chain Eyes, Prismatic Tape Eyes, (various colors, sizes, and weights)  
Fly Tiers Foam - Sheet Foams -  Cross-Link Foam, Razor Foam, Fly Foam, Evazote Foam, Furry Foam, (each comes in various sizes and colors)

Specialty Foam - FLOAT Foam, Saltwater Popper Bodies, Ant Bodies, Parachute Posts, Bee Bodies, Damsel / Dragonfly Bodies, (each comes in various sizes and colors)
Float 'N Fish stays current with new trends and innovations in fly tying materials and techniques.  Call if you need a material that is not listed.  (888-475-5770, local 505-632-5385).  

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