Float 'N Fish -San Juan Flies
San Juan River Flies
Float 'N Fish
provides visiting anglers to the San Juan with the largest selection of quality hand tied flies in the state of New Mexico.  This extensive inventory includes Midge, mayfly, caddis, stonefly, terrestrial, scuds and streamers for the San Juan and other trout rivers, in addition to bass, pike, carp and saltwater patterns (permit, tarpon, redfish, marlin and bonefish).  This inventory includes over 2,200 fly patterns with over 25,000 flies on display.  As a Tailwater Specialist for the San Juan River, Float 'N Fish has Midge and mayfly Nymphs, pupa, larva, emergers and dry flies down to size 26.  If you choose to tie your own flies, Float 'N Fish can provide the small hooks (down to size 32), thread sizes (size A to 14/0 threads) and wires (medium to double extra fine) required for typing small Midge patterns for the San Juan River.  

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San Juan Signature Flies
Patterns from Master Anglers
San Juan Midge Larva
San Juan Midge Pupa
San Juan Midge Emerger
San Juan Midge Adult
San Juan Mayfly Nymph
San Juan Mayfly Emerger
San Juan Mayfly Adult

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    Dyed Furs

San Juan Signature Flies - flies from the master anglers, guides and fly tiers of the San Juan
Johnny Gomez Desert Storm, Johnny Flash (grey, chocolate and olive)
Mark Engler WD40
John Taverner Fluffy Baetis, Thread Body Baetis, Red, Cream and Olive Midge larva, Big Mac Pupa (several colors)
Bear Goode Big Bear Baetis, Foam Wing RS2, Copper Rib RS2, Sidewinder Midge Pupa and Emerger, Bunny Leach, Chocolate Emerger, KF Flasher
Raymond Johnston UV Midge, Don King UV Midge, Foam Wing Emerger, Tubing Midge, Bead Wing Midge
Greg Faught Foam Back Emerger, Poly Wing Emerger, Bead Head Polywing Emerger, B\ead Head KF Flasher
Rick Takahashi Tak's Emerging Baetis
Chris Guikema G's Pinon Beetle, G's Beadhead San Juan River Caddis
Patterns from Master Anglers
Kelly Galloup Zoo Cougar, Articulated Flathead, Bottoms Up, Articulated Monkey
Shane Stalcup CDC Biot Dun, Bubble Caddis Pupa, CDC Biot Comparadun BWO, Cluster Midge, Caddis Adult, Loop Wing Emerger, Ultra Damsel, Ultra Scud, Crazy Daddy, Son of a Crazy Dady, Flash Fry
Dave Whitlock Mouse Rat, Near Nuff Sculpin, Hare Sculpin, Dave's Hopper, Dave's Bullet Head Hopper
Rene Harrop CDC Biot Dun, CDC Thorax BWO, CDC Biot Emerger
Bob Brooks Brooks Sprout Baetis, Brooks Sprout Midge, CDC Emerging Baetis, CDC Baetis Dun
San Juan Midge Larva

Red Larva

Olive Larva
San Juan Midge Pupa

Sidewinder Midge Pupa

Black Midge Pupa


Bling Midge Pupa
San Juan Midge Emerger

KF Flasher Olive

Bead Wing Midge - Chocolate

Black Beauty Emerger

Poly Wing Emerger
San Juan Midge Adult

Midge Adult Black

Brook Sprout Midge

Griffith Gnat

Parachute Midge Cream
San Juan Mayfly Nymph

Baetis Nymph Olive

Big Bear Baetis

Killer Mayfly Nymph

Flash Back Pheasant Tail
San Juan Mayfly Emerger

RS2 Gray

CDC Emerger Baetis

Loop Wing Emerger

Winger Emerger Baetis
San Juan Mayfly Adult


CDC Baetis Dun

Parachute Ext Body BWO

Blue Wing Olive Thorax